Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 months

Emma is 7 months old now and as cute as ever!


She has this funny deep, wheezing voice. She’s always making grunting, almost guttural noises. I guess that’s what happens when your brother growls at you the whole time your in the womb.

Emma is just barely starting to sit up by herself, although she’s pretty wobbly. She rolls occasionally, but other than that she’s pretty immobile.

She still has this ridiculously adorable crinkle-nose smile.


No teeth yet, but miserable and teething, for sure.

Emma loves tags, and crinkly toys and stuffed animals.

She loves to watch her daddy and thinks that Nathan is hilarious.

Her favorite place to be is the bathroom. I don’t know if it’s because there’s a lot of shiny stuff in there, but she squeals every time we go in. She also squeals any time we go near her closet. What can I say? The girl loves clothes!

Emma has decided she likes some baby food sometimes. We’re working on it.

This little girl definitely has her own personality and her own opinions. She’ll cry if she doesn’t get the toy she wants and gets mad when we won’t let her put something sharp and pointy in her mouth.

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