Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dress Advice . . . again

Okay, I really need to learn how to dress myself eventually, but in the mean time, I’m going to keep second guessing myself and asking all of you for advice.

I need a dress for Ryan’s company Christmas party (in 6 days!) and I need help deciding which one would work better for me.



Here’s the full dress, but I would get it in black.

Jackie -- Clearance --

Thanks, all you fashionable, cute ladies!


hempmama said...

I think I like the flowery's something I would covet & I think you would look great in it! :) Good luck!

Andy and Alianna said...
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Andy and Alianna said...

I think the first one is very vintage it! However, dress #2 is so elegant and classic that I give it my vote! I think you could do a super cute hair-do (message me for some ideas, I have a lot!), add a brooch, and killer heels.

The Gray Family said...

I love the second one. It is a little more dressy, but would be great for any occasion.

Liz Wilcken said...

1st one! And get me one too!

Melinda said...

I think they're both great, and both would look good--so for me, it would come down to which one is the better price! haha I would say I'm leaning toward the first though! :)