Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 Months Old

Nathan is two months old today and he is just full of new tricks!  

First (and best of all), he usually sleeps six hours straight at night!

He talks all the time.

Just yesterday, he discovered his fist and he's been sucking on it ever since.

He's smiling all the time!

He loves to stick out his tongue and he copies us when we do it too.

Also, he's chubbier, droolier, and his eyes have turned from deep blue to grayish blue.

As you can see, I can't get enough of him (poor kid)!

Stay tuned for a post about our upcoming crazy weekend!


Tia Langston said...

2 months old!?!? Sheesh!

Beck said...

Wow. He's definately getting bigger and cuter every time I see new pictures. :) This is such a good stage. Enjoy it!

The Loosle's said...

So cute, I am sad I don't get to see him in all his cuteness anymore. How is the new neighbor? He is adorable, don't you love when they start to respond/interact with you...I do!

Scott and Sara said...

Awww I love all those cute pictures. He is a chubbers!