Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We took Nathan to see the doctor today for his two month appointment. Of course he (Mom and Dad too) had to deal with the horror of shots and the discomfort of being "messed with". Nathan did a really good job even though he was really tired and cranky. He is healthy and fine except for a few minor things. We have to start neck exercises with him because his head tilts to one side. This is minor but must be done. He hates it! Nathan was also born with a cyst under his tongue so we have to go see an ear, nose, and throat doctor to have it looked at. As for height and weight, he has definitely earned his nickname "Bubba". He weighs 14 lbs 7 oz (93%) and is 24.5 inches long (90%) and his head is 40.5 cm (55%). The doctor says maybe I feed him too much, which I think is stupid so I am going to ignore him. We have a happy, healthy baby! (He slept over 7 hours again last night!)


Sarah said...

sooo cute.

I agree with you. The doctor is stupid.

Julie said...

We are doing the stretches with Maddux also! It is hard now that he is old and wiggly. My advice is NO bouncers, swings, carseat, anything, unless you have his head pushed up and the other way with a towel or positioner. Maddux also is too old to swaddle while sleeping so positioning doesn't work. If Nathan will still let you, swaddle him and position him on alternating sides for naps.

That cyst sounds like a heartache! Good luck with that.

Scott and Sara said...

I can't believe your Dr said that!!!! No way is he eating too much. He is perfect!
Cam has always been big like that too and I would have slapped my Dr had he suggested I was feeding him too much!

KDorman said...

You can never feed them too much when they are that young!!!! They will burn off the extra weight when they start crawling, walking and running!

Good for "BUBBA"

Beck said...

He's just a proportionate weight to his height. :) Besides, chubby babies are the cutest!