Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Weekend

This past weekend was a crazy one for our family. We did a lot of traveling and saw a lot of people. The original plan was to head up to Ogden for a family reunion on Sunday but we decided that since we were headed North we would drive a few more hours and go to Rexburg to see Ryan's family. Then, we found out the Sunday before our trip that my Grandpa Ward had passed away and the funeral was going to be on Thursday in Boise. So, here's what we did:

Ryan couldn't take any time off work so I needed to find a way to get to Boise by Thursday. Thankfully, Ryan's mom and sister just happened to be in Salt Lake on Wednesday picking up his nieces from the airport. They drove me and Nathan to Pocatello where we met up with my brother Ryan (also from Rexburg) and the three of us drove another 3.5 hours to Boise. I must say, I have the best baby in the entire world! He was so good the whole trip. We made it to Boise late Wednesday night where I got to see my whole family (from Washington) and my Grandma Ward, and my Uncle, my Aunt, and all my cousins on that side. 

Nathan with Uncle Ryan

Nathan with Nana. What a fatty! (Sorry, Mom, not you!)

Hanging out with his Auntie Leslie. Just looking fat and drunk . . .

On Thursday we attended a beautiful funeral for my Grandpa. I got to sing "Amazing Grace" with my cousins. Grandpa was a Marine so we got to see the Marines give a special tribute at the grave site. It really was a wonderful occasion. My grandpa had been sick for a very long time. It was so neat to learn so much about his life. Again, the baby was amazing!

Some of Grandpa Ward's history

Sons and Grandsons carrying the casket. Ryan and Nathan were honorary pall bearers since one couldn't be there and the other wouldn't have been much help.

The Marines at the cemetery

The Marines folding the flag that they gave to my Grandma.

Nathan wanted us all to know how he felt about Grandpa's death. 

Grandma with her children: Scott, Rickard (my Dad), and Sue.

My three brothers (aren't they cute?)

Me and Nathan with my Grandma Ward

Ryan (my brother) and I (and Nathan) left early Friday morning and headed 5 hours back to Rexburg. We met Ryan (my husband- confusing, I know) at his parents house that night. Nathan got to spend time with two of his cousins, Brytnie and Kallie and he met doggies and kitties for the first time. Lady the dog introduced herself by licking his lips before I could stop her. Oh, dear! He didn't seem to mind . . .

On Sunday, we drove down to the Ogden area for the Hulihan family reunion (my Mom's side of the family). Nearly all my cousins from that side of the family were there and nearly all my aunts and uncles, as well as my Grandpa and Grandma Hulihan and Grandma Betty. We only spent the afternoon at the reunion and then headed home again that evening. Boy, were we pooped! I was so glad to be back home. Traveling is so much more stressful with a baby! Even though he is a darn good boy!

With my Grandma and Grandpa Hulihan (my mom's Dad and step-mom)

With Grandma Betty (my mom's mom)

Playing with Grandma Betty and my cousin Amy

It was a big weekend for all of us. Nathan got to see all of his grandparents, almost all of his aunts and uncles, meet two cousins, all his great-grandparents, and I got to see almost all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is crazy because I never see family. Some of these people I hadn't seen in over ten years! What a great, crazy weekend!


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandfather! It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony though.

And I love taht picture of Nathan with Leslie. I laughed so hard when I read your caption "just looking fat and drunk."

KDorman said...

what a way to introduce Nathan to everyone!

Scott and Sara said...

One busy, brave girl! Good job. I am glad little man was so happy for you.

Janey said...

He was such an amazing baby that whole weekend. I'm so glad we got to see Nathan (and you)!