Friday, April 2, 2010

1 Year Old!

Today our sweet Nathan turns one! I could write a book about all the cute things he does, all the new things he’s learned, and all the joy he brings to us every day. Here’s just a few highlights:

Even though he waited a long time to get started, Nathan is finally getting teeth. He has three right now with a fourth about to make an appearance. He uses those teeth to eat anything and everything he can. He especially loves graham crackers, bananas,  yogurt and peas.

Nathan loves to talk. He says a lot of words in his language, but in English he knows “uh-oh”, “bye-bye/baby”, and “ball”. And of course “Mama” and “Dadda”!

Nathan isn’t walking yet but that’s not stopping him from getting around. He’s a super fast crawler and a great climber. He begs to climb the stairs but he doesn’t know how to get back down yet. We have a lot of baby gates up around the house. He’s also getting really good at standing all by himself.

Nathan has such a sweet personality. He really is the best boy ever. He loves to give kisses, when he’s in the right mood. He’s developing a great sense of humor too. He’s started tickling us and he definitely knows when he’s being funny. Nathan loves all things “boy”. He loves cars, and balls, and dogs. He’s amazingly observant and notices always notices the little things. Lastly, the boy can dance! He’s got some great moves and he knows how to use them! He makes us laugh every day.

Happy Birthday, Bubba!


Nathan leaving the hospital 4-4-09 Brand new Nathan

5-11 3One month old

6-2 12Two months old 

P7050056 Three months old

P1010097 Four months old

P1010040Five months old

6 months 4 Six months old

7 months 2 Seven months old

IMG_0342 Eight months old

IMG_0030  Nine months old

IMG_0123 Ten months old

IMG_0191 Eleven months old


One Year Old

We have an action packed weekend with a birthday party, General Conference, and Easter, so stay tuned for lots of pictures!


Beck said...

He's really grown! Can you believe how fast it really goes? Happy Birthday Nathan!

Tia Langston said...

Wow...that went fast! Happy Birthday sweet little boy!