Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nathan's First Birthday Party

Yesterday was jam packed with party fun for Nathan's first birthday! We got to celebrate with lots of family! My parents and Jesse and Leslie came down from Washington for a few days and Ryan's parents drove all the way from Idaho to be here. They get to stay another week! The day started with a few small presents in the morning just to get Nathan in the party mood.

He had a baseball themed party in the afternoon. It started with a Wii baseball tournament. Ryan was the winner, but his mom came in a close second. Nathan rested a bit while we competed so I can't blame my poor baseball playing on the baby pulling on my leg or needing my attention. Darn.

After Wii baseball and crackerjacks (Leslie also played "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" on the keyboard) we had hot dogs for dinner. Unfortunately, we had a ton of rain, and even hail, so Ryan had to brave the weather to grill for us.

Of course, after dinner he had presents! Nathan got a little overwhelmed at all the attention (can you blame him with 2 video cameras and 4 cameras and a camera phone in his face?), but once he got some toys opened, he got really excited! Nathan is now the proud owner of an airplane, a rocking doggy, and a race track, amongst other things. He is such a lucky boy! We got him a bike trailer and a helmet so we can go on family bike rides this summer.

(Not sure what Ryan and I are doing in this picture)

Cake time! Nathan got his very first cupcake, and he loved it! It took him a few minutes to figure it out (the frosting felt yucky between his fingers) but once I showed him that frosting tastes good, he dove right in and ate the whole thing. He also tried a bit of Daddy's ice cream and liked the flavor, but not the cold. All that sugar hit him pretty hard and he became a little party animal. I've never seen him so wild! I think he had a good birthday!


Fox and Amy said...

Soo cute! I love the Concessions sign and the cupcakes! We have the rocking puppy, and it gets used a lot. Congrats on having a big boy now!

Caitlinp said...

Cute kid and Cute party! I can't believe he's already so old (okay, not SO old), where did the time go? His 1 year pictures look really good too. Go JC Penny's!

Pink Panda said...

Cute! Happy Birthday, Nathan!

The Loosle's said...

Very cute and what a great turn out for the little guys b-day YAY!

AlixSteele said...

I was thinking of you all weekend. How strong and brave you are to do all of that on Easter/ conference weekend. I was about ready to pull my hair out and I didn't have a birthday to throw! Happy birthday, Nathan! We miss you guys.