Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Projects

I did some really fun projects this month! As usual, I didn’t finish everything that I wanted to but that just means I have a good start on a few of my projects for next month.

I decided to make something for our bedroom wall like THIS ONE I did for Nathan’s room last month. The pictures don’t do it justice. I just painted some Ikea frames gold and framed this beautiful fabric. I love it!



A few months ago I won THIS beautiful bag in a giveaway. I love it and carry it when I am out by myself  but it’s too small to tote all of my junk to church (I mean Nathan’s junk) so I decided to make myself another, bigger one. This should have been an easy project (the pattern even said”sew easy” bah!) but I made so many mistakes. This bag was the reason that I only completed two projects this month. If I ever make more, I think I will finish them in a flash now that I know what not to do. Anyway, it was SO worth it! I love this bag!


And speaking of projects, check out this beautiful blanket my Mother-in-law made us!

Afgan from Mom B

I picked out the color and pattern before Ryan and I got married thinking it would go in our bedroom. Little did I know she would finish it just in time for me to add burgundy to my living room. My yucky, old loveseat seems like a completely inappropriate place for such a work of art, but this way Ryan and I can snuggle in it while we watch TV. Thanks Mom!


Beck said...

You are so crafty! I really need to pull out my sewing machine more often...But I need space to do that...Hmmmm...

Kristin said...

Very Cute! Love it. I've got something to help you with your projects, but before I can send it to you, will you email me at or at with your email address. Then I can send you your gift card!

Thanks! And good work, that tote pattern can be confusing. :)