Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was insanely busy for us, as usual.

It started with Ryan’s birthday breakfast and gifts. I decided to get Ryan 30 gifts for his 30th birthday. He had a lot of fun opening them all up!


I had to include a few gag gifts, and my favorite was this massage race track shirt. It has a race track on the back so all he has to do is lay on the ground while Nathan “massages” him with cars. IMG141

Nathan knew just what to do and he ran to get some cars. I might just have to borrow it some time!IMG142

Then we headed to my parents house for family pictures since we were all together for a few days.

4 of 29

6 of 29

8 of 29

9 of 2910 of 29

She really wanted that candy cane!

14 of 29

20 of 29

23 of 29

After  that, it was off to Alex and Devan’s house for a birthday buddy lunch (Devan’s birthday is on Christmas Eve too). Alianna and Andy were in town too and we got to meet sweet baby Lyla. This is the only picture we managed to get of all the kids together.


We ended the day with a little party with my family


I (with a lot of help!) managed to cook dinner for everyone, and of course . . . cheesecake!


That’s a lot of candles, Ryan!


Who wouldn’t want a chubby baby for their birthday?!


And finally, cookies for Santa, then off to bed!



Larissa Nelson said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them all!!!

Larissa Nelson said...

Oh and cool race track shirt - where did you get that or did you make it? Mitchell would love massaging daddy!