Monday, January 28, 2013

Totally 80’s Party

For Ryan’s 30th birthday this year, I decided to throw him an 80’s party. I think it turned out really great considering I really don’t remember anything about the 80’s!


We sent the kids to my parents house during this adults only party. It was SO nice to have fun with friends without the kids there. Nathan had to try out the “photo booth” before he left.


I had so much fun decorating for this party!IMG_3845

Ryan pulled out all his old 80’s toys to display.


We had 80’s music and He-Man playing in the background.

Everyone had fun reminiscing, munching on pop rocks, playing an 80’s scene-it game and old school Donkey Kong.

We also played Ryan trivia and Alex won. Awkward . . .


My favorite part was the photo booth.


We had a neon paint splattered backdrop and lots of props to choose from.


We let our kids come home eventually, and Nathan quickly fell in love with all the Ninja Turtle toys.


This is a good look for her, don’t you think?


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Larissa Nelson said...

So cute and love your decorations and pac man garland! Awesome! Or should I say...rad!!!