Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Trees

My December post is going to be a few posts long, because our month was so jam-packed with holiday goodness!

We went and got a Christmas tree the second week of December. I will never, ever have a fake tree. I know it’s so much easier, and economical, but it’s just not going to happen. Real Christmas trees are the only Christmas trees in my book.


Every year, the kids get a new ornament to put on the tree. My parents did this for the 5 kids in my family growing up. Nathan gets present ornaments because his name means “gift from God” and Emma gets stars because her name means “universal”. I think they both like their new ornaments!



Emma really wanted to get that tree! Still, this was a golden year for decorations because Nathan was old enough to know not to touch things, and Emma can’t really move yet so my tree was safe!


These two love each other so much! Nathan loves to put his head in Emma’s lap and let her grab his hair. I’m waiting for him to regret it, but he still hasn’t!


Nathan also had a few little friends over to decorate Christmas tree ice cream cones. It was fun and a little chaotic and the kids all got a little sugar high.


Nathan hard at work


Hannah and Ben


Joshua- he was smart and just dove right in!


The finished product!


What do I have to do to get this kid to give me a normal smile?!

Nathan’s friend Robyn and her friend Rebecca came over too, but I was so busy wrangling that I didn’t get any pictures of them!

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