Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Nathan Video

Here's another Nathan video because I have nothing else to post about right now. We tried to capture him doing his army crawl but, of course, the camera's memory filled up right before he started moving. The beginning of the video is pretty bad quality, sorry. Also, I wanted to point out Nathan's favorite game that he invented. He loves putting things up on the bottom shelf of his bouncing toy (you'll see him do it). I'm always finding things there, the TV remote, pairs of socks, binkies. Strange child. Anyway, enjoy this little video of our silly baby.


Janey said...

That was great - he is such a little noise maker! I think Nana had better be ready when I come visit next month. He is getting to be such a busy boy - oh boy!

pbidaho said...

How sweet! I love those noises and faces!