Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hair We Go Again

Okay, if you read my previous post "Bad Hair Year", then you know I am having some issues with my hair. I think the solution may be to get bangs. However, I am a totally indecisive person who is afraid to take risks so I need your help convincing me one way or the other. The two reasons I have not gone out and done it yet are:
1. I had bangs for a long time growing up and I'm afraid getting them again will make me look even more like a dorky teenager.
2. Growing out my bangs is the most annoying thing in the world. I hate hair in my face. So, if I don't like them, I might go crazy.

Here are a few styles that I kind of like (not the hair, just the bangs). Please let me know what you think!!


Sarah said...

my vote is number 1

The Hojnackes said...

my vote is number 1 as well! Bangs are tricky. I have cowlicks so bangs go terribly wrong on me. I think they would look good on you, though. :)

pbidaho said...

Have you considered side bangs like Jenn got? It depends on how your hair lays, but it looks like you already have it going to the side. Side bangs would get rid of the weight behind your ears but not completely cover your forehead area. ???

Caitlinp said...

So, funny story. I took Picture #1 (exactly) as the inspiration for my "new do" a couple months ago. It was fun for a while until I realized that there was a reason I hadn't had bangs since I was four-a ridiculous number of cowlicks. But, I think it's cute and you could pull it off.

Mike and Heidi said...

I agree with all of the above. Bangs would be super cute, and I like the first picture best.

Kristin said...

So, I wouldn't say bangs for sure. I mean, not because you wouldn't look cute, because you would.

But what I do when rethinking my hair, is go to a really good hairdresser, and we talk about face shape, and how long I want and then we look through the books and he/she helps me decide on a whole hair makeover that will work for my hair type,the way my hair lays, my face and hair color.

I know mine looks really crappy right now, but I'm growing it out and I'm almost there. Another month or two. BTW, the hairdresser wont charge for the consultation because it sort of comes with the cut.

Just make sure when you make the appointment, that you tell them you're not really sure what you want so you'll need a few minutes to discuss. They can book you for a longer appointment, and then the hairdresser wont get behind schedule if they're booked right after you.

And, bring pictures of your ideas with you. That way, even if the exact cut in the photo isn't right for you, they can usually modify it to work for you.

Good luck!