Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Christmas Break

After Christmas was over we still had over a week before we came home so we spent some time relaxing and enjoying time with family. On Sunday, we all got to go to church together and sit as a family (minus my dad, who is in the bishopric). I dressed Nathan up in his exceptionally cute Christmas suit and we had a little photo shoot Sunday morning.

On the 28th, my parents went away for their anniversary (it's tomorrow, but this time they got to use us as free babysitters). We "kids" had a fun evening eating pizza and watching movies. My brothers all did their own thing that night but I got to spend some time with Leslie. She got a cute cupcake decorating book from Santa so we made a cupcake for each member of the family. See if you can guess who is who!

Leslie also made a few of her own creations with the left-over cupcakes. I was loopy by the time we were finished, from consuming so much frosting and candy. Ah, to be eleven again.

Tuesday was a good day for us because we found out that Ryan received funding again for the next semester. Hooray!

On Wednesday, the 30th Ryan and I had plans to go to the temple and out to lunch. It was going to be such a fun day because we haven't been to the temple in ages and we were sealed in Seattle. We wanted to take advantage of a temple only 45 minutes away, too. Unfortunately, our attempts to attend the temple were thwarted, once again. Someone (me) forgot their temple recommend and unfortunately the temple would be closed until we went home. We made the most of the day and went out to lunch anyway. It's amazing the hurt that a buffet can cure.

We all had a pretty low-key New Year's Eve. Well, except my dad, who had to chaperone the youth dance, and my brother Ryan, who went to a wedding and came home with a free bottle of champagne (he threw it away). The rest of us gorged ourselves on chocolate fondue, watched movies, and waited for a new decade to begin. Even Nathan joined in the festivities when the neighbors fireworks woke him up at midnight. I think this year is going to be a great one!

Okay, not a lot of pictures this time, but I have a ton for my next post!

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AlixSteele said...

I wish I had one of those cupcakes right now. Did you make it all the way to the temple before you realized you'd forgotten your recommend? I think they can usually look them up on their computer now. Devan forgot his when I got my endowment and Ashley forgot hers for our sealing and they were still able to get in. Not that it helps now. Better luck next time. And I love Nathan's new Christmas clothes!